Active Post Tennis Hot Shots Tournament in Timaru

16 June 2015

We began with a warm up in pairs throwing and catching (cooperative play), then played points to try and win the rally (competitive play) swapping partners after a few minutes and playing again.

The Orange ball players then when into the foyer and played round robin games on two mini courts, playing up to 7 points. Red ball players were divided into four teams and were each given four coloured pegs to match their team, which were also used to help keep score. The Red ball players had two games to play, one with racket and indoor sponge balls, rotating through the team to play someone different each round. The second game was a doubles game with a balloon over a higher net. Points were given to each team based on the wins they had.

We concluded with a few relay games and awards for participating.

Thanks TNZ and programme sponsors ActivePostPita Pit and for motivating us to take part and all the gifts that created a ‘party’ atmosphere.

See this on the TNZ Hot Shots website

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