2016 AGM President’s Report

5 September 2016


It is my pleasure and honour to present my 2nd Presidents Report to the board of South Canterbury Tennis.

Our role as the Board of Tennis South Canterbury is primarily governance – to set the structures, systems, goals and direction of the sport.

I believe the sport of tennis is in a healthy position in South Canterbury, and it is due to a committed and structured approach over the last few years, combined with a tremendous amount of work throughout the clubs, committees, and the board.  There is work to be done around the area of beginner (Hot Shots) programmes to get them progressing through into clubs and regular competition.

We have a number of important committees working alongside the board – Events Committee, Asset Management committee and our Coaching Committee.  All of whom are working on specific roles and tasks with representation from clubs and individuals, promoting wider contribution, consultation and involvement from our community.

The facilities we have are excellent, with continued work undertaken to maintain and enhance them.  Maintenance continues to be ongoing and court repairs must be attended to annually to preserve the substantial investment we have in our facility. The cracks on all the courts have been repaired in the last 12 months using the latest technology available from the USA. A very labour intensive job for the contractor and Ferg who assisted with the project most days.

Currently, we are in the middle of a building/renovation project whereby the main changing rooms/showers are having a substantial upgrade, along with extensions to the main building allowing for increased office/storage areas. We have been fortunate to been supported by way of a significant grant to offset some of the financial costs incurred in this refurbishment.  Thank you to Trust Aoraki and Ferg for his tireless input into this project.

We are fortunate to have the ongoing support of our sponsor –  Alpine Energy.  In addition, there are over 40 sign holders who have chosen to sponsor TSC. We thank them all for their continued interest and support.

We have been able to employ key staff to oversee this area. Jane Sullivan as Tennis Co-ordinator, and Sue Ward as Administrator.  Both of whom make a tremendous contribution to the day-to-day running, organising and managing of competitions, tournaments and representative fixtures, along with administration to keep things ticking along.

Jane has had a very busy 12 months, putting programmes in place, and continuing to build on the good basics she has put in place.  She has identified that the Hotshot programme is crucial to our playing numbers and has initiated a promotion to get first time players into clubs – $25 discount off club membership

Not dissimilar to other sports our volunteer base has been eroded by the pressure placed on working parents with other commitments, etc.  Jane continues to make some positive in-roads in this area.  Jane regularly updates our “facebook” page and web site

(both having gone through extensive development and upgrades aided by board member, Tony Zwies).  A regular newsletter with all our sponsors logs attached is now keeps everyone up to date with what’s happening with tennis in or region.

Sue along with her day to day administration work has a number of functions she looks after in the upstairs lounge. Thank you Sue for your attention to detail.

Our thanks to Kane Newland, our TSC coach and the other coaches within our region who deliver high quality programmes to our players. We are very fortunate to have the experience of coaches of such calibre.

How can we gauge the success of what we are doing?

  • The culmination of everyone’s input, from board level, committees, staff and coaches is clearly illustrated in the success of our coaching in schools programme   This programme introduces tennis to 5-7 year olds, now reaching over 1300 SC children.  These results are encouraging, however, we are still to see these numbers develop into club memberships.  Jane and the coaching committee is aware of this situation and is working to achieve this progression.
  • Our Sat junior interclub team competition is well supported.
  • The Sat senior interclub competition has been consistently well supported.
  • Monday night singles was implemented this year and was also well received.
  • The Business house Doubles Competition is full and has a waiting list. During May the competition developed into 6 rounds of winter league tennis.
  • Our seniors (vets) are very active.
  • SC finished 1st overall in the Junior Teams Event in Nov. Winning the 10s convincingly , 14s narrowly and 12s were 4th – well done.
  • South Canterbury had 6 players represent Southern at the National Teams event in January.
  • At this year’s South Canterbury Sports Awards, where we had 1 nominee, James Watt in the Junior Sportsperson category.

The Board is currently working to get a change of conditions on the Resource Consent to allow amplified music at non tennis functions, eg; weddings, etc, (Sue fields enquiries regularly as a preferred wedding venue) however, this is proving to be a very time consuming, frustrating and potentially expensive exercise.  We are currently in consultation with the District Council requesting a further extension of time for trial functions.

Thank you to all who have made a contribution and commitment to our sport, it is very much appreciated and valued.  Each club has dedicated people who work tirelessly.  We have a number of volunteers and parents who give their time freely to help.  We have achieved what we have due to the combined efforts of many, and I thank you all for the support you have given me.  Many thanks to Keith Tomsett who provides his knowledge and support and gives his time freely for so many facets of TSC.

With many people putting a huge amount of their time into tennis over the years – the Board decided to relook at the Life Membership awards and have also adopted a new award “Service to Tennis” for those people who have contributed a big part of their life to their clubs/TSC but fall outside the Life Membership rules. So over coming years we will continue to add those people who have contributed to Tennis in SC.

This year we have with your support a Life Membership to Ken McEwing
Service to Tennis Awards to:

  • Murray Purvis
  • Malcolm Strang
  • Maree Bowen

It has been a most rewarding and enjoyable role as President, and I am confident that tennis is in good health and also in good hands.

Thank you.

Keith Lane

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