Obituary – Ken McEwing

14 November 2016

Ken was recently elected a “Life Member” of Tennis South Canterbury which when you consider his involvement in tennis over the last 50 years plus, was long overdue.

He was a Member of the Wilson Street Baptist Tennis Club

Tennis South Canterbury Committee member 1964 – 78

He served as TSC President 1966 – 68 – 1970

He was the inaugural Junior Advisory Board Chairperson 1972 – 78 very involved with running junior tournaments, teams events etc.

IN 1986 he was the first recipient of the Tennis NZ Administration award in recognition of his outstanding service to tennis.

In 1997 he was appointed to Patron of Tennis South Canterbury.

Finally he was made a Life Member of Tennis South Canterbury at the AGM of Tennis South Canterbury.

It is an impressive list which would never have been achieved without the support of his wife Noelene, who acted as Secretary while Ken was Chairman of the Junior Committee.

It was interesting to note, the formality that was present in the minutes of tennis back in the 60’s & 70’s as they listed names of who was present and finished with “The Secretary” (no name mentioned).

There were many juniors who were supported in the Slazenger and Howe Shield matches by Ken’s enthusiasm.  Ken organised coaching and training for them as during this time there was no such thing as professional tennis coaches in SC.

In Ken’s time we had grass courts and by today’s standards, very primitive amenities.  The popular Cloverlea Tournaments in January were run from a control room which was a tent prone to blowing down in a nor west winds.  The grass courts had to be marked out with white wash and watered to prevent them drying out. Ken was primarily responsible for seeing that this work was completed which often meant that he did it himself.

Ken was the ultimate volunteer and we at Tennis South Canterbury will always be grateful for his fantastic contribution to tennis.

Written by Keith Tomsett, co-patron of Tennis South Canterbury

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