2020 Annual Plan

17 April 2020

We have completed our Annual Plan for 2020. We want to share it with you.

What are our most important tasks? If I was to summarise the Board’s goals they are:

  • More people playing and enjoying tennis
  • Higher levels of retention
  • Opportunities for those who want to improve their game
  • Efficient delivery of administration
  • An open and transparent organisation with a positive culture
  • Funding sources including additional revenue from the pavilion

The Annual Plan is the detail of how we see ourselves moving towards those goals – step by step.

Will we achieve everything on the list? Possibly not and some will therefore be carried over until next year. But what the document does do is provide an insight into our thinking.

Last year we made the decision to employ Mark Offen for additional hours to create the time and focus we felt was needed to develop and grow tennis. Our initial goal is to get playing numbers back to 500. Mark has reported to the Board on a number of key initiatives which we have discussed, fed back on and largely approved.

Mark is now documenting an implementation plan and we will also be sharing this with you once it is finalised.

Finally, a lot has been said, and we receive regular feedback, on communication. Occasionally to Mandy on how well she is doing, but equally to TSC as a whole that we are not sharing and communicating as well as we might including news and views from the wider tennis community.

I suspect we will never meet everyone’s needs in this particular area and you will recognise challenges within your own club environments. But you can be assured of the emphasis and effort we have applied to this area and which we will continue to do – open and transparent communication being an often-discussed topic and goal.

We welcome feedback on our 2020 Annual Plan.

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