Preliminary Notice of Tennis South Canterbury 99th AGM

12 August 2020

The 99th AGM of Tennis South Canterbury will be held on: Tuesday 22nd September 2020 at 6pm – Trust Aoraki Tennis Centre (upstairs).

As per the Tennis South Canterbury Constitution 12.3b, two Board Members retire each year and are able to stand for re-election. Callum Wood and Stu Piddington are due to retire by rotation this year. Additionally, Stephen McFarlane, President, is due to retire. All have indicated they are prepared to stand again.

Nominations are now called from clubs for any persons wishing to be nominated for a Board position.

These nominations are to be received 21 days prior to the AGM date (1 September). Please see the attached nomination form or download it from the TSC website.

Notices of Motions for the AGM should be received by the TSC Operations Manager 21 days prior to the AGM (1 September).

An agenda will be forwarded to Clubs 10 days before the AGM date (12 September).

*Note: Last year, 2019, was advised to be our 99th AGM and therefore 2020 our 100th, a continuation of a sequence that dated back to 1925. But which didn’t make sense when our centenary is in 2021. Upon investigation it was determined that 1925 should have been our 4th AGM and not our 5th. The sequence is now corrected and our 100th AGM will be in our centenary year, next year.